Three button custom handmade MIDI Controller, with MIDI input and output (with THRU), to be custom programmed for any MIDI-compatible device. Controller has buttons with fixed color LED rings and RGB LED, that can indicate mode of the controller.

Controller can be operated by single button clicks (A, B or C), simultaneous click of two (A+B or B+C) or three button (A+B+C) and long presses of single, two and three buttons, what gives a plenty of features!

Customization options:

  • Custom written firmware
  • LED rings colors: red, green, blue, white or yellow
  • DC socket type: 2.1/5.5 mm (default) or 2.5/5.5 mm
  • MIDI socket type: standard 5-DIN (default) or TRS jack (3.5 mm or 6.3 mm)
  • Enclosure finish black matte

Lenght: 168 mm
Width: 65 mm
Height: 40 mm (+20 mm button height)

Power requirements:
-DC 9V (center negative), <100 mA

Line 6 HX Stomp dedicated firmware

In case of dedicated firmware for HX Stomp, controller can work in five modes:

  • Preset Mode (with moving TAP*) – In that mode you can choose presets in banks (of the controller) of three presets. Function based on Program Change MIDI message
  • Snapshot Mode (with moving TAP*) – Recalling snapshots 1-3
  • FS Mode – access to FS4, FS5, Tap tempo & Tuner
  • Looper Mode – control over looper block in HX Stomp (record/overdub, play/stop, undo)
  • CC mode – each button can work as CC toggle, which can be assigned to block bypass/parameters

*Moving TAP is special feature – allows to TAP tempo using button of currently selected preset / snapshot. First press of the button recalls preset/snapshot and the next presses of the same button sends TAP tempo.

Layout of the FS Mode is selectable by user, and functions can be in order:
-FS4 / FS5 / TAP (and tuner on hold)
-FS4 / TAP (and tuner on hold) / FS5
-TAP (and tuner on hold) / FS4 / FS5

Tuner is accessible in all modes (except Looper mode).

Controller is configurable in three ways:
-Setup mode (firmware v.>3.82)
-MIDI received messages (sent from HX Stomp to MIDI controller using Command Center)
-USB terminal commands

Configurable features:

  • Long press time
  • MIDI THRU on/off
  • Layout select (1/2/3 – check spec-sheet below)
  • Snapshot mode buttons combo function on click and hold of [A+B] and [B+C] – switching presets down/up or emulating FS4 / FS5
  • Preset mode buttons combo function on click and hold of [A+B] and [B+C] – switching banks down/up or emulating FS4 / FS5
  • CC mode buttons combo function on click and hold of [A+B] and [B+C] – switching presets down/up or emulating FS4 / FS5

Controller can receive MIDI messages on its MIDI INPUT, what can be used for:

  • Receiving Program Change messages (when scrolling presets with knob in HX Stomp), what will show selected preset as LED ring blink on controller
  • Receiving CC messages to control states of CC toggles and LED rings in CC mode and FS mode (firmware v.>3.83)
  • Receiving CC messages to blink selected snapshot on preset recall

Spec-sheet of Triple firmware v. 3.88

Whats new in 3.88?
-FS light toggle MIDI CC control message value changed from 0/1 (off/on) to range 0-63 (off) and 64-127 (on)

Whats new in 3.87?
-MIDI clock receive to blink TAP tempo according to BPM from MIDI clock
-changed LED rings light control via MIDI received messages
-bugs fix

Older versions:

Spec-sheet of Triple firmware v. 3.87
Spec-sheet of Triple firmware v. 3.83
Spec-sheet of Triple firmware v. 3.82
Spec-sheet of Triple firmware v. 3.72

Firmware update

HX Stomp Setup for MIDI Controller