Power requirements?

All KG controllers are powered with DC (center negative) 9V.

File:Polarity marking center negative.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Power consumption:

  • Dual V2 & I/O, Quadruple I/O and Triple I/O up to 100 mA
  • Triple I/O 2 up to 200 mA

Can the firmware be changed?

Yes. All controllers have USB port for firmware change.

Can the controller be programmed by user?

No. All my controllers are custom made and preprogrammed to meet specific hardware features and functions. Although depending on custom scenario – some functions can be changed by user.

Can the controller work with other devices than HX Stomp?

Controllers were designed to work with HX Stomp, but with custom firmware can work with any MIDI device – ask for details.

Does the buttons trigger actions on button press or release?

With firmware that supports long press of the buttons and presses of multiple buttons at once – actions are triggered at button release.

HX Stomp related

Why there are two MIDI cables required?

Two cables are required for two-way MIDI communication: one is used to send MIDI messages from the MIDI controler to the HX Stomp and second from HX Stomp to the controller. The second cable allows to load and synchronize settings of the controller with newly loaded preset in the HX Stomp (for example load LED rings color settings, load preset number, synchronize MIDI clock for TAP blink).

Are the LED Rings color related to blocks in HX Stomp?

Dual V2 & I/O, Triple I/O, Quadruple I/O: No. Color of LED ring is hardware fixed and cannot be changed. You can choose which LED hardware color of the LED rings you’d like to be installed in controller – red, green, blue, white or yellow. If you don’t have preference – color of the LED rings will be random.

  • Note: second MIDI cable is required.

Triple I/O 2 – yes! RGB LED rings can change color, so you can select color of the rings to match your HX preset settings and block state. You can select color of the LED ring with special MIDI message (using HX Stomp Command Center and Instant Messages) – details in Triple I/O 2 manual.

  • Note: second MIDI cable is required.

Are the LED rings showing the state of block assigned to FS4/5?

Dual V2 & I/O: No, but LED rings can alternate between bright and dim state (Dual firmware >v2.34), but synchronization with loaded preset isn’t automatic.

Triple I/O, Triple I/O 2, Quadruple I/O: Yes, after setup backlight of the buttons can reflect state of the block (in CC mode or in FS mode).

  • Note: second MIDI cable is required.

Are the LED rings showing selected Snapshot?

Dual V2 & I/O: Yes, LED ring A = snapshot 1, LED ring B = snapshot 2, LED rings A&B = snapshot 3

Triple I/O, Triple I/O 2, Quadruple I/O: Yes, LED ring of the selected Snapshot is brighter or blinking – depending on setup. If blinking enabled – currently selected snapshot becomes tap tempo.

How preset switching works?

Preset Mode is based on Program Change MIDI messages. Controller has its own “banks” and calculates Program Change value depending on controller bank number. In case of “I/O” controllers, Program Change can be also received by controller to synchronize it’s memory with current preset on HX Stomp display (two MIDI cables required for two way communication).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask: