Model discontinued.
Quadruple I/O 2 coming soon.

Quadruple I/O is a custom handmade MIDI controller with four switches, MIDI INPUT/OUTPUT sockets and LED rings button backlight (fixed color).

Controller can be operated by single button clicks (A, B, C or D), simultaneous click of two (A+B, B+C or C+D) or three button (A+B+C or B+C+D) and long presses of single, two and three buttons, what gives a plenty of features!
Quadruple I/O comes with new firmware version with simplified navigation in comparison to previous Quadruple.

Four modes:

-Preset mode – access to all presets in HX Stomp
-Snapshot mode – recall Snapshots 1-3 and access to TAP/Tuner
-FS mode – FS4 + FS5 + additional CC toggle + TAP/Tuner
-CC mode – 3 CC toggle buttons + TAP/Tuner or 4 CC toggle buttons
-Looper mode – control over Looper block in HX Stomp

Each mode is indicated by color of RGB LED.
Backlit buttons with fixed color LED rings (red/green/blue/yellow/white).

Check detailed MIDI specification / manual.

Firmware update WINDOWS / MAC OS