Triple I/O 2 Firmware update

Triple I/O 2 firmware v.1.10 hotfix
Changes: v1.08 USB-MIDI input caused random hang-ups, usb-input temporarily disabled

Triple I/O 2 firmware v. 1.08
v 1.08 changes:
LED rings color control bug fixed
USB-MIDI enabled: Triple I/O 2 can be used as USB-MIDI device

Triple I/O 2 firmware v 1.06
v 1.06 changes: modes of the controller can be changed via incoming MIDI messages (ch16, CC#10, val 0-4)

Triple I/O 2 firmware v 1.04
v 1.04 changes: ability to disable two buttons presses in Snapshot, FS and CC modes

Triple I/O 2 firmware v 1.03
1.03 changes: MIDI channel save fix

Triple I/O 2 firmware v 1.02
1.02 changes: THRU toggle fix

Update procedure:

  1. Extract .zip file to known location in your computer.
  2. Unplug DC power and USB cable from the Triple I/O 2.
  3. Connect USB cable to your computer.
  4. Press and hold A+C buttons and plug USB cable to the Triple I/O 2 (while still holding A+C buttons).
  5. USB flash drive will appear.
  6. Copy .uf2 firmware file to USB flash drive.
  7. Perform “factory reset” (A+B+C hold on boot).
  8. Done.