Simple, yet functional minimalist MIDI controller with LED rings button backlight (fixed color). Adds the most useful functionality for HX Stomp such access to FS4, FS5, Tap, Tuner, Preset scroll and Snapshot select.

The Dual V2 firmware is designed to be used with four modes:
Tap&Tuner Mode
-Preset scroll Mode
Snapshot Mode

Mode is indicated by RGB LED.

Controller dimensions:
Length: 92 mm
Width: 38mm
Height: 31 mm (+20 mm button height)
Weight: ~140g

Power requirements:
-DC 9V (center negative), <100mA

FS Mode:

A hold = Preset down
B hold = Preset up
A+B = enter Tap and Tuner mode
A+B hold = Snapshot Mode

Tap and Tuner Mode:

A = Tuner on/off
B = Tap Tempo
A+B = Preset scroll Mode
A+B hold = Snapshot Mode

Preset scroll Mode

A = Preset down
B = Preset up
A+B = Snapshot Mode
A hold = FS4
B hold = FS5
A+B hold = FS Mode

Snapshot Mode

A = Snapshot 1
B = Snapshot 2
A+B = Snapshot 3
A hold = Tap&Tuner mode
B hold = Preset scroll mode
A+B long press = FS Mode

Dual firmware v2.31 spec-sheet

Dual V2 firmware update