Triple I/O Firmware update

Triple I/O beta firmwares:

v.4.03 changes: MIDI channel save fix

v4.02 changes: THRU toggle fix

v 4.01 changes: automatic “factory reset” after flashing from firmware v<4.00 – no user action required!

Perform “factory reset” after flashing v.4.00 from firmware v<4.00 – press and hold B button while plugging power to the Triple I/O.
v4.00 manual

Triple I/O stable firmwares:

USB Drivers and firmware uploader:

Additional files:

How to flash Triple I/O MIDI Controller

  1. Download .hex file with firmware
  2. Download USB Drivers for Windows and install

3. Download and extract Xloader and run XLoader.exe

Select .hex file with firmware, Device Duemilanove/Nano(ATmega328old), Baud rate 57600, select COM port that will appear after connecting controller with USB, then hit Upload:

Upload process will take 10-20 seconds.


Reboot device by replugging power.